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Here at Jean Knapp Vacation Rentals we understand what makes a vacation home right for our guests. We make it our business to find vacation rentals of the highest standard that go above and beyond our guest's expectations. By providing the finest in vacation rentals we can insure that our guest's vacation is a success no matter which property they decide to stay in.

We know what it takes to run a successful vacation rental management company. Providing quality homes, cleaned by quality professionals, and providing quality customer service is what sets us apart from the rest. We're actively promoting our local events and holidays to our guests. Whether you are renting with us or putting your rental in our hands as an owner you can be sure that you working with the best! 

Our Services
• Marketing
o Jean Knapp’s extensive client base built from over 20 years in
the industry
o Jean Knapp’s live, highly efficient online booking system and easy navigable website
o AirBnB Listing managed by agency
o We are active in both Ogunquit and Wells Chamber of Commerce

•Lead Management- all correspondence leading to reservation
o Time sensitive leads responded to in a timely manner with up to date information on
property and rental services until possible renter is satisfied and ready to reserve property

•Money Handling
o Accept all major credit cards
o Secure Booking System
o Collect and remit sales tax to State of Maine
o Collect security deposit from each renter and remit back to renter when assured that
property is in proper condition
o Monthly payments and statements out to homeowner

• Rental Agreement
o Each renter is required to sign and agree to all of Jean Knapp Rental’s rules and
regulations. This agreement protects you as the homeowner in the event of any
displeasing situations or occurrences at your property
o Jean Knapp Agency will hold each renter to their agreement should any issues arise
o Implemented strict cancellation policy

• Check In/Out
o Greet each renter that checks in to your property at our office with a reminder of all
procedures to be followed at your home and a warm Ogunquit , York, and Wells vacation Hello!
o Each renter is given a complimentary Jean Knapp Rentals bag with helpful information
on the area with suggested vacationing ideas!

• Pictures
o We will come to take photos of your property to market your property to the public
o Rental photos differ from regular listing photos - we will take and edit usually around 30+
photos of your property to advertise. Possible renters like to see every angle of a home
they may be renting

• Turnovers/Cleanings
o Work with cleaner to schedule turnovers
o Communicate with your cleaner to insure that your property was left in proper condition
and is all set to remit the security deposit back to the previous renter

•  On Call Rental Agent
o A rental agency is available to assist property owners 7 days a week during the rental season
o Any issues that arise, the agent will be contacted and the issue will be dealt with on a case
by case basis. The homeowner is only involved if it is necessary